(Email from UKC 2010 General Chair to KSEA members)

Dear KSEA Members,

Please encourage your Graduate Students and PostDoc to apply for this Graduate Student Travel Grant for UKC 2010 to be held at Seattle, WA on Aug. 11-14, 2010. You can visit the link below for details;

Type 3: Travel Grant for Ph.D. Candidates and Postdoctoral Scholars (NEW!)

Download Type 3 PhD Support Form at http://ukc.ksea.org/ukc2010/includes/UKC_2010_Student_PostDoc_Appl_Form%20_FINAL_.pdf

UKC 2010 will provide travel grant for Ph.D. candidates and postdoctoral scholars who would like to attend the symposium but are unable to do so without travel expense support. Those who wish to apply for this student travel grant must submit the followings to the UKC 2010 Executive Committee (email Dr. Jihie KimThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

1. Application Form
2. Curriculum Vitae (including GPA, publications, work experiences, and extracurricular activities in one or more Korean student organizations)
3. Research Summary (1 page)
a) Title, significance, a description of the expected contributions or accomplishments
b) Font: 12 pt Times New Roman or Arial
4. Poster when selected

Please submit the application form via email to Dr. Jihie Kim at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by June 30, 2010. When selected, he/she should present his/her research projects at the Poster session and/or Job Fair session that many potential employers from Academia, Research Institute and Industry will participate in.

UKC 2010 encourages Ph.D. Candidates and Postdoctoral Scholars to participate in the conference and meet potential employers. We apply the same travel support policy as the speakers, as described above.

Jae-Hoon Kim, Ph.D.
UKC 2010 General Chair / KSEA President Elect
Boeing Research & Technology